5 Treatable Causes of Unwanted Hair Loss

Sep 06, 2023
5 Treatable Causes of Unwanted Hair Loss
Did you know there are many possible causes for hair thinning or loss, many of which can be treated and allow for your hair to grow back? And even if the hair loss itself can’t be reversed, there is an effective option for hair restoration.

Hair loss is one of the most frustrating cosmetic issues for people of all genders. If you are struggling with hair loss, you may have been told there are no real ways to reverse the issue. But this is untrue. Hair regrowth and hair restoration are possible depending on the cause of your hair loss. 

We at Dr. Malouf Dermatology believe looking your best is about feeling your best. Our providers — Peter Malouf, DOAmanda Miller, FNP-C, and Haylee Terry, PA-C — have extensive knowledge of hair loss and can help you get to the root of the issue. 

The ability to treat hair thinning and loss 

Hair thinning and loss is not only a cosmetic issue. It can affect the way you feel about yourself, your social interactions, and even your quality of life. As such, we offer hair restoration with NeoGraft®, a minimally invasive procedure that restores natural hair growth. 

But treating this condition often goes hand-in-hand with treating its cause. In many cases, hair loss is a symptom of a larger issue that requires treatment in itself. When that issue is treated, sometimes hair grows back on its own. If not, NeoGraft can often be applied as a helpful solution.

5 treatable causes of unwanted hair loss 

1. Hair care choices 

In some cases, you may be making choices in your hair care routine that are leading to thinning or lost hair. These can include wearing your hair in a style that pulls on it (such as a tight ponytail); dyeing, bleaching, or relaxing your hair too often; or pulling on your hair without noticing it. Changing these behaviors can lead to a reversal of the hair loss. 

2. Hormonal changes and conditions

Some hormonal conditions could lead to hair loss as the hormones in your body can intrinsically affect your hair’s growth cycle. These may include pregnancy, a thyroid condition, PCOS, and more. 

Often, like with your physical hair care, getting treatment for these changes and conditions can help. If your hair doesn’t grow back at a rate satisfactory to you, however, NeoGraft can be another possible solution. 

3. Vitamin deficiency 

Certain vitamin deficiencies are associated with hair loss and thinning. These are very common and can affect you in many other ways than just hair loss, so it’s important to get blood work done regularly. The most common vitamin deficiencies affecting hair loss are

  • Biotin 
  • Zinc 
  • Protein 
  • Iron

You can take over-the-counter supplements to increase these nutrients in your body and minimize any deficiencies that might be causing hair loss. 

4. Stress 

It’s true; stress really can cause you to lose your hair. In fact, it’s also associated with your hormones wherein the stress hormone impairs natural hair growth. Trying to manage your stress with a number of at-home remedies, including mindfulness meditation and gratitude journaling, can be helpful. You may want to try behavioral therapy or other professional treatments as well. 

5. Androgenetic alopecia 

Androgenetic alopecia is a common condition that most people know as male- or female-pattern baldness. This condition is genetic and is, unfortunately, not reversible. But thanks to NeoGraft, the hair loss it causes can now be treated! 

NeoGraft transplants hair follicles to the areas where thinning has occurred. This procedure is minimally invasive and without the need for incisions, which makes it easy to go through. Many patients have found exactly what they are looking for with NeoGraft. 

Find out the reason for your hair loss…

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