8 Benefits of Laser Resurfacing

Jun 07, 2023
8 Benefits of Laser Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing is a safe, effective, and versatile treatment option for aging skin as well as several other issues. Check out some of the great benefits of this procedure, and consider booking your appointment with us.

Aging skin can be a difficult issue to manage, especially for those who don’t want to deal with invasive treatments. Fortunately, laser resurfacing is an incredible option for rejuvenation without the need for expensive, invasive procedures.

At Dr. Malouf Dermatology, we offer a number of cosmetic dermatology services that can be used alone or together for impressive results. Peter Malouf, DOAmanda Miller, FNP-C, and Haylee Terry, PA-C, all have extensive experience with laser resurfacing, which is one of our most popular procedures.

Laser resurfacing: how it works

Laser resurfacing has been around since the 1960s and became popular in the 90s for its anti-aging benefits. The procedure involves the use of a hand-held device that emits a concentrated beam of light. The light beam removes thin layers of outer skin, exposing the layers underneath.

Because it warms the underlying skin, it also causes the stimulation of new collagen, a natural occurrence that lessens as you age. The new collagen growth causes the skin to appear tighter and more youthful. But what else does this procedure do, and why is it so beneficial? 

8 benefits of laser resurfacing

1. Multiple results for youthful skin

Laser resurfacing doesn’t just tighten skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines, makes your skin smoother, and evens its overall tone. All of these results together create an overall more youthful look that you’ll absolutely love. 

2. Little to no preparation or downtime 

As laser resurfacing is not an invasive procedure, you don’t need to do much to prepare for it, nor do you have to spend much time afterward in recovery. You’ll only need to deal with a little redness and swelling, and then, you’ll be back to normal.

3. Short treatment times

Laser resurfacing doesn’t take hours like some of the more invasive procedures. Depending on how large your treatment area is, it should only take about 30 minutes or an hour at the most. 

4. Treats other problems 

Perhaps you’re dealing with acne scars as well as signs of aging. Or maybe sun damage or a birthmark is plaguing you? Laser resurfacing can tackle all of these issues in addition to simply making you look younger and more vibrant. 

5. Improvements over other procedures

Laser resurfacing is a highly focused procedure. Because the laser can be targeted exactly where it’s needed, it has fewer risks of hypopigmentation, which is associated with other procedures that seek to create similar results. 

6. Personalization is easy 

With the laser’s targeting capabilities and its noninvasive approach, it’s very easy to personalize your treatment plan. This means you can single out issues that bother you and focus on treating them instead of a blanket treatment for your entire face. 

7. Repetition, repetition, repetition 

Unlike many procedures, laser resurfacing can be repeated safely and easily. And with repeat procedures, you’ll see better results over time.

8. Results are long-lasting 

…But that doesn’t mean you won’t see results after one treatment! The results of laser resurfacing often last years, which allows our patients to obtain the kind of lasting confidence and happiness they seek with a cosmetic dermatological procedure. 

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