What's the Best Age for a Mini Face-lift?

Nov 01, 2022
What's the Best Age for a Mini Face-lift?
Safelift — or the mini face-lift — provides patients with a wonderful option that is less invasive and requires less recovery time than a full face-lift. But how can you know if you’re the right age for this revolutionary procedure?

Aging changes almost everything about our bodies: hair, hormone production, body shapes, muscles, and joints. Everything is affected at some point or another. But many people start seeing changes in their faces earlier than anywhere else. 

What if you think you might be ready for a bit of enhancement but not for a full face-lift? Then, it might be time to consider Safelift, also known as the mini face-lift, offered at Dr. Malouf Dermatology

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Safelift is to meet with one of our providers — Peter Malouf, DOAmanda Miller, FNP-C, or Haylee Terry, PA-C — to discuss your treatment goals. But you may also be wondering if there’s a right age for getting Safelift. 

What Safelift is and how it works

Safelift is a mini face-lift that utilizes laser technology. It is minimally invasive and doesn’t require the prolonged recovery associated with full face-lifts. It’s also less painful and less likely to involve side effects than its counterpart.

The procedure usually lasts less than three hours, and you can return home the same day. When Dr. Malouf performs the Safelift procedure, he only uses a sedative and a local anesthetic, so there are no concerns about general anesthesia. 

Dr. Malouf then makes tiny incisions in the face and lifts the skin before closing the incisions. Another aspect of Safelift involves tightening the connective tissues, which allows for a longer-lasting result than many similar procedures. 

With its impressive results, low chance of side effects, and quick one-week recovery time, Safelift is a fantastic option for those who want results without a painful procedure or a slow recovery.

Being a good candidate for Safelift 

You might be wondering if you’re a good candidate for Safelift. Of course, you will need to discuss the procedure with Dr. Malouf or one of our other providers to make sure your individual needs will be met by the procedure. But many people are great candidates for Safelift. 

For one, if you have experienced premature signs of aging, you might not want to get a full face-lift, allowing your goals to align perfectly with Safelift. Also, you will likely be suited to the procedure if you want to see impressive results without a long recovery period. 

The right age for Safelift

Still, you might be wondering what age is best recommended for the procedure. Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different, as is everyone’s aging process. Therefore, there is no perfect age to seek out this treatment. 

According to a study published in Clinical Interventions in Aging, a group of women who reported high satisfaction rates with face-lift procedures had a mean age of 48. But when it comes to a sure answer about the age where a face-lift — mini or otherwise — is right for you, only one person can answer that question. 

If you are beginning to think about a mini face-lift, now might be the right age. But since some people consider the procedure in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, it’s hard to provide you with a personalized answer — that is, without an appointment!

Find out if Safelift is right for you today

You might be at the perfect time in your life for a mini face-lift. Or you may want to wait a few years and consider one of our other cosmetic procedures to target another specific need. Either way, we’re excited to begin this journey with you. 

To make an appointment, call our Dallas, Fort Worth, or Cleburne, Texas office, or book online.