CO2 Laser Surfacing in Dallas, Ft Worth & Cleburne

Do you ever wish that you could trade out old, damaged skin with new, fresh skin? With laser skin resurfacing, now you can! Whether you have problems with acne scars, crow’s feet, loose neck/jowl skin, frown/smile lines, smoker lines, uneven skin tone, loose eyelid skin, or even just your average wrinkles and fine lines, this procedure could help you gain confidence and look years younger.

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Say Bye-Bye to Damaged Skin

Say Hello to the Clear Skin You Want

The Advantages of CO2 Laser Surfacing

ActiveFX uses a high energy laser beam to stimulate the formation of new collagen, ensuring your treatment of lines, wrinkles, scars, and discolorations will stay put for many years to come. The laser will also have an immediate tightening effect on your skin, making you appear more youthful than you have in years.

Service Details

30 to 40 minutes before the treatment, a topical anesthetic cream is applied, and then the laser resurfacing will begin. A minor warmth is felt on the face while the procedure is underway. The high energy beam of light causes the top layer of skin to peel off and reveal a layer of new, healthy skin. This advanced laser system leaves small bridges of untreated skin, making healing much faster than other skin laser treatments. The resurfacing takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the treatment area size and location. This makes it possible to receive treatment over a lunch break or short appointment. After the treatment, your face will have some redness with minor swelling, but any pain and discomfort should subside after several days.

ActiveFX Laser Long-term Solution

ActiveFX laser resurfacing is a long-term solution to aging skin. These results will last even longer when sun protection and lifestyle changes (i.e. not smoking) are implemented. Because of the long-term collagen producing effects of the laser, the skin will continue to improve up to 5 months after the procedure has been completed. Whether you are suffering from pesky acne scars left over from adolescence, dealing with discoloration from sun damage, or trying to win the ongoing battle with aging, laser resurfacing may be just what the doctor ordered

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