Dr. Peter Malouf’s Philosophy

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I have built my practice on honesty and objectivity. Applying these two virtues along with experience, training, and skill, I have provided my patients with safe and effective results for over 18 years.

In medicine, the patient can be somewhat at the mercy of the what the physician suggests. There are, however, often times, many choices within the standard of care. Some of these choices may not always be the best choice for a given patient. For example, if an elderly patient with multiple medical problems presents with a non-life-threatening skin cancer, there are many ways to treat the cancer, and the choice may affect the outcome and subsequently the quality of life for this particular type of patient. Therefore, it is very important to me to take each patient and their life circumstances into consideration before arriving at a particular type of treatment. This may include discussing the many options with the patient and his or her family, while weighing out the pros and cons of each.

Sometimes the less financially lucrative or highly specialized path is not the best to serve a particular patient well, and I believe it is my duty to arrive at the most suitable choice upon discussing all options with my patient, even if it means no treatment, or referring a patient out. With regard to cosmetic treatments, I always get to know my patient before suggesting a particular treatment or regimen.

Decisions are then made based on the patient’s goals, budget, health, downtime tolerance, and anatomy. Once these assessments are made, an appropriate treatment with predictable results is employed to achieve natural softening and rejuvenation. Decisions are not made, however, based on business plans, financial gain, or drastic results. In addition to this philosophy, experience and skill along with an artful eye, have made it possible for me to deliver predictable, natural and pleasing results for my patients, and ultimately to the success of my practice.

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